Black Basalt 20mm

Black Basalt 20mm

Black Basalt 10mm

Black Basalt 10mm

Silver Granite 20mm

A beautiful 20mm silver granite chipping. When dry it is silver grey in colour but when wet its appearance changes to a darker colour and includes black speckles and sometimes with a fleck of pink
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This is a beautiful silver granite chipping, when dry it is silver grey in colour but when wet its appearance changes to a darker colour and black speckles are more visible.

This adaptable granite looks delightful when used with marginal planting and water features as the water enhances the beautiful speckles within the granite. Works well on drives and pathways and can be used in borders to contrast with other aggregates to create interest alongside planting.

Size - 14-20mm
Colour - Silver / Grey and Black speckled and sometimes a fleck of pink when wet
Used for - Paths, driveways, water features and general garden projects
Supplied in - 850kgs Bulk Bag

Size, Colour & Dust of Silver Granite 20mm explained?

Sizing: All products are naturally quarried and are processed at source via a screening process using equipment to sort materials in to specific size ranges. 

Colour: As all our products are naturally quarried there can be colour variations as well as size variations dependent on the formation of the mineral in the quarry at any given time. 

Dust: With all naturally quarried products there will always be an element of dust on all materials. The dust can be cleared by simply hosing the materials once laid or letting nature take its course by letting the dust wash away over time with rain fall. The images on our website are after they have been washed.

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