Silver Grey Pebbles

Silver Grey Pebbles 20-40mm

Rainbow Cobbles

Rainbow Cobbles 40-90mm

Rainbow Pebbles 20-40mm

Rainbow Pebbles are an eye catching naturally quarried pebble used in rockeries, borders, water features and stylised gardens to add interest.
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A very distinctive and eye catching pebble that will really lift rockeries and borders as well as offsetting any planting within.  They work very well in seaside style gardens and on water features as the colours are accentuated when wet.  Good for using as a topping on pots both indoors and outdoors to retain moisture and add interest, all in all a very pretty and versatile aggregate that you can let your imagination run wild with.

Size: 20-40mm

Colours: creams, peach & terracotta

Shape: rounded

Uses: rockeries, borders, water features

Buying options: bulk bag approx 850kg

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