White polar cobbles 40-90mm

Polar White Cobbles 40-90mm

Polar White Pebbles 20-40mm

These polar white pebbles will definitely be noticed straight away in the garden. The striking white colour sparkles in the light and will brighten up any garden.
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Polar White Pebbles are a bright white pebble from Spain and  are naturally rounded.  When dry they are a striking white colour with a sparkling appearence and will enhance any themed garden, particularly good in Mediterranean and seaside style gardens as they will contrast beautifully with the planting and other aggregates used in these gardens.  

Work well as a plant pot topping for both indoor and outdoor plants to help retain moisture and provide a stark contrast to the planting within.

Size: 20-40mm
Colour: White
Shape: Rounded
Uses: Garden borders, Landscape design, Rockeries & Water features
Pack Size: Bulk Bags 875kgs or 20kg poly bags
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