Rustic Slate Small

Rustic Slate Small Flat Stones 120 Pieces Per Crate

Welsh Slate Rockery Extra Large Stones 20-25 Pieces per Crate

Kelkay Welsh Slate Rockery Extra Large looks truly amazing when wet. This stunning grey, blue and brown coloured slate is extremely popular and very versatile. Perfect for use in rockeries, this slate rockery stone is also fish-friendly, which means it's also ideal for use in ponds and water features. Aside from this you can also use this to create natural looking slate dry stone walls or as a boundary marker or to prevent unwanted parking on private land.

Rockery Info to Note:

All crates/bags of rockery stone are filled to a target weight so the quantity can vary. As this is a natural quarried product, the size, shape and colour can vary.

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Welsh Slate Rockery Extra Large:

  • Uses: Ponds and water features, rockeries
  • Colour: Grey, blue, brown
  • Shape: Angular
  • Fish Friendly: Yes
  • Size: 40-70cm
  • Big chunky pieces
  • Quantity: Approx. 20-25 Pieces Per Crate
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