cotswold chippings 10mm

Cotswold Chippings 10mm

Cotswold Chippings 20mm

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Cotswold Buff chippings 20mm are one of the most popular garden gravels in the UK currently. These lovely chippings will brighten up any drive, garden path or planted border.
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Cotswold Buff chippings 20mm is one of the most popular garden gravels for use on pathways & borders.  Provides a great contrasting backdrop in boders and on pots as a topping to retain moisture.  Works well in knot gardens, rockeries and to provide interest  when used in conjunction with other aggregates in seaside style gardens.

Size: 20mm
Colour: Cream
Shape: Angular
Uses: Drives, Paths, Garden borders & Rockeries
Pack Size: Bulk Bags 850kgs
Cotswold Buff chippings are also available in 10mm & 6mm sizes.

Size, Colour & Dust of Cotswold Chippings 20mm explained?

Sizing: All products are naturally quarried and are processed at source via a screening process using equipment to sort materials in to specific size ranges. 

Colour: As all our products are naturally quarried there can be colour variations as well as size variations dependent on the formation of the mineral in the quarry at any given time. 

Dust: With all naturally quarried products there will always be an element of dust on all materials. The dust can be cleared by simply hosing the materials once laid or letting nature take its course by letting the dust wash away over time with rain fall. The images on our website are after they have been washed.

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