Rustic Slate Rockery XXL

Rustic Slate Rockery XXL 70-80 cm Pieces Approx 15-20 Per Crate

Golden Rockery

Golden Rockery Stones 70-80 Pieces per Crate

Black Limestone Rockery Large 30-40 Pieces per Crate

Our Black Limestone Rockery Large is a stunning black rockery stone with streaks of white and grey. It is ideal for constructing rockeries and use in general landscaping projects. This product is a limestone and can be used in water features but not those containing fish, as it is not fish friendly. This unique rockery stone is great for adding impact to your outdoor space and works really well when used in conjunction with other monochrome products, to give a contemporary feel. The average crate will contain approx. 40 pieces.

Rockery Info to Note:

All crates/bags of rockery stone are filled to a target weight so the quantity can vary. As this is a natural quarried product, the size, shape and colour can vary.

  • Size approx: 350-600mm
  • Approx pces: 30-40 pces per cage/bulk bag
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    Black Limestone Rockery Large:

    • Uses: Rockeries, boundary marking, preventing unwanted parking
    • Colour: Black/Grey
    • Shape: Angular
    • Fish Friendly: No
    • Size: 35-60cm
    • Quantity: 30-40 Pieces per bag/crate
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